Drawing Class

Drawing Class: A student must be 7 years or older to enter.

Students will learn how to draw basic modeling. Students will draw in a three-dimensional art medium with the help of sample pictures. Teacher will lead students step by step, from how to make position of objects in the picture and how to imitate the sample pictures. Pencils, black markers, and oil pastels will be the main tools for this semester. The content of the samples could be animals, landscapes, people and so on. Students will continue to develop observation ability and drawing skills. Pencil drawing and color painting from real objects will be intensively practiced in the class. The real objects include winter landscapes; still life; glassware, silverware, plants, portraits from real people and status, etc. The teacher will explain important observe method and demonstrate useful technique in the class or individually as needed.

Depending on individual teacher, the students may spend 1/4 semester time to continue to learn how to sketch using special papers (big size) and sketch stuffs. Students will finish the whole work by themselves. There will be no outline for most students in sketch training. Students will learn why to draw black, white and grey in sketch training and how to draw their drawing feeling. Develop the students’ art interest. Improve their ability of basic art modeling.