Oral Chinese Class

Introduction to Chinese (IC) and Introduction to Chinese for Children (ICC)
The course of Introduction to Chinese will be taught in both Chinese and English in class. It is mainly designed for students without Chinese-speaking environment at home. ICC classes are for students who are younger than 12 years old. IC and ICC classes use the same textbook of <<Rhythmic Chants for Learning Spoken Chinese>> as well as various supplementary materials. This weekend course (1.5 hours per class, for 15 weeks per semester) will emphasize listening, the practical spoken and simple written Chinese. Students will be introduced to about 600 common Chinese characters and the corresponding grammar during Introduction to Chinese courses from level 1 to 3. After completing level 1 to 3 of Introduction to Chinese courses, Students should be able to

  1. understand simple sentences and express simple ideas and capable of simple communication in his or her daily life and study;
  2. pronounce the words, phrase and sentence with or without the help of Pinyin;
  3. read or write the simple Chinese characters, phrase and sentences.
  4. IC or ICC Level Textbook Semesters taken Suggested Chinese Proficiency Level
    1 Volume 1 plus other materials 2 to 4
    (1 to 2 years of study)
    HSK level 1 or YCT 1 to 2
    2 Volume 2 plus other materials 3 to 6
    ( 2 to 3 years of study )
    HSK level 2 or YCT 2 to 3
    3 Volume 3 plus other materials 5 to 8
    ( 3+ years)
    HSK level 3 or above or YCT 3 to 6


    1. For ICC classes: 5 to 12 years old.
    2. For IC classes: 12 years old or above.